Fixing MHonarc for mime-type application/

1997-01-22 21:53:22

I ran into a problem with MHonarc v. 1.2.3 processing an application type of 
"application/".  After some investigation, I theorized that the 
problem lay in the fact that we're pattern matching against "[\w-/]+" for the 
content-type, meaning that the period (and anything after it) is not part of 
the content-type, resulting in a non-match.

MHonarc appears to do content-type pattern matching in mhonarc, 
and  I've altered the pattern match for content-type in these 
files to be "[\w-/\.]+"; this seems to have fixed the problem.

For example, in the mhonarc file, the original line:
($tmp = $fields{'content-type'}) =~ m%^\s*([\w-/]+)%;
($tmp = $fields{'content-type'}) =~ m%^\s*([\w-/\.]+)%;

Does anyone think that I've broken something by making these modifications?


P.S.  Please respond directly as I am not on this mailing list.

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