Re: Many many lockretries

1997-02-21 18:31:57
I have an mhonarc archive with over 3600 messages in it. I've set lockretries
up to a pretty large number (20 or more), but I'm still at the point where I 
get very frequent lock timeouts - and thus unarchived messages!

20 gives you about a minute.  You can also use LOCKDELAY to increase
the time.

Is there any way that I can configure MHonArc to branch an archive Index? In 
other words, to start a new one, but keep links to the old one?

No.  The requirement "keep links to the old one" implies that the
old stuff will still need to be processed.  Threading is the main

The common approach is to start a new archive after a specified
period of time.  With Procmail, or similiar utility, you can have
new archives automatically created based on some time break down
scheme of your choosing.

I do not know how Achim has setup the mhonarc archive, but he
breaks it up into monthly archives to keep things manageable.
I would guess he has everything automated so no manaul intervention
is required when a new archive needs to be created.

Also, for space reasons, I'd like to tar and compress some of the old message
HTML files in this archive (not the one I keep on the Web, just my private 
one). Will this adversely affect MHonArc's indexing?

It can if the compressed messages need to be editted for any reason.
It's safe to compress data in an archive if you know no more additions
are to be made.  Otherwise, you run in the possibility of mhonarc
trying to edit a compressed file.  If new messages occur in a
consistent/predictable manner, you may be able to compress files in
an active archive if you no those files will never get editted.


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