Re: CompuServe --> html

1997-03-06 06:41:57
Bernard Frit wrote:
Hi everybody,

A friend of mine has a lot of archives in CompuServe
thread and message format. He'd like to convert them
in a convenient format (html or whatever) with thread
indexing features as MHonArc is doing it for mail

At the first glance, I didn't find out how to configure
MHonArc to do the job. It seems impossible.

No it's mhonarcs default.  If not specified otherwise
mhonarc created a time ordered index maillist.html and
a thread index thread.html (see also the FAQ about
thread and try V2.0b3 for 'subject threads').

Does someone have done some specific customization
within MHonArc to do this job ?

The only thing that could be a problem is that mhonarc
may not understand Compuservs message and thread format.
(Could you post an example? The headers are important!)

Check also the -msgsep option. Maybe this makes mhonarc
understand CS msg/thread format.

Is there another software available to do this job ?

Other software yes.  Better software no :-)  The only
other tool that I'm aware of is hypermail.  But I'm
sure there are other out there.

Thanks in advance,

Bernard Frit

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