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1997-03-06 08:13:23
At 11:38 AM 3/6/97 +0100, Bernard Frit wrote:
Hi everybody,

A friend of mine has a lot of archives in CompuServe
thread and message format. He'd like to convert them
in a convenient format (html or whatever) with thread
indexing features as MHonArc is doing it for mail

At the first glance, I didn't find out how to configure
MHonArc to do the job.

The Compuserve "file cabinet" format is too far from the basic SMTP message
format that MHonArc recognizes.

Your friend can find software on Compuserve to read the file cabinet format
and emit ascii text that is closer to SMTP message format that MHonArc can
use.  A search of IBMFF using the keywords "cabinet" and "convert" yielded
several items including these two:

Forum Name: CSNAVSUPPORT                 Library: Member Uploads  (6)
  Accesses: 839                       Size: 11368
      File: THRDCO.ZIP           Submitted: [72662,70]   26-Aug-94

This program converts forum message threads to a plain text file  called
COLLECT.TXT.  Your favorite word processor can then search  for any message
on any topic that you have downloaded.  It is  public domain and was
created because I have so many forum  thread messages which I can't search.

Forum Name: PCEFORUM                 Library: Telecom/Reseaux  (8)
  Accesses: 32                        Size: 30865
      File: SHWCIM.ZIP           Submitted: [72241,2132]   08-Nov-96

Une fois stockes dans le "Cabinet"  CompuServe, les messages des forums et
les courriers sont codes dans des fichiers binaires que l'on ne peut pas
relire directement. Cet utilitaire a pour but de convertir n'importe quel
fichier de la base WinCIM en fichier ASCII pur. Freeware en anglais.

-- SP

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