Re: mhonarc via telnet

1997-03-11 12:49:58
Bernard Frit wrote:
I've been transfered MHonArc to a Linux server thousands
miles away and I have telnet access to process archives
directly on site.

I have some trouble setting up MHonArc to work fine:

1. For 1st archiving I typed


export M2H_RCFILE


export M2H_OUTDIR

mhonarc archive.txt

mhonarc did the archiving process but used its
own directory as outdir and didn't take the archive.rc
parameters, it used the default settings.

You have to export the variables (see above). Otherwise the mhonarc
process will not get them.

2. For 2nd try I typed

mhonarc -outdir /usr/www/mylogin/archive -rcfile archive.rc archive.txt

mhonarc did the archiving process using its
own directory as outdir but used the archive.rc

[ With 'own directory' I assume you mean the current working directory]

No idea if /usr/www/mylogin/archive is rwx for you. If not mhonarc
should complain and abort. Could you send the output of above command
to the list?

3. I checked all the syntax within the doc files
and I tried again. Same result.

mhonarc v. is 2.b02
perl v. is 5.001
pwd was /usr/www/mylogin/mhonarc2

Hoping my question is not too ludicrous (not a RTFM one!)
I'd like to fix the above ;-)


Bernard Frit

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