1997-03-14 10:00:49
B Schlank wrote:
 > Has anyone come up with a www interface to manage mhonarc?  TELNET-ing to
 > the shell everytime I want to erase a few messages becomes a pain!
 > Thanks in advance for any help!

No.  This feature is often requested but up to now nobody toke the
time to implement it. Hint, hint :-)

P.S. Earl: I thought it's in the FAQ already but I did not find the Q&A
     there.  Ignore me if I overlooked it :-)

It is not in the FAQ, but should be added.

A WWW mhonarc *admin* interface is possible, but some work.  The
CGI would have to be setuid inorder to avoid permission problems.
Also, time is needed into designing the form interfaces and
the admin tasks that a user would want to perform.

Now, if someone wants something simple (like the ability to remove
messages), the person can write a quick and dirty CGI program
to call mhonarc with the appropriate arguments.


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