error message

1997-03-25 01:13:27
Mhonarc 2.0.0b3
Perl 5.003
NextStep 3.2

Can anyone give me a clue what the problem is here?  This is the only archive  
and file with which I am having any problem.  The same version of mhonarc is  
working fine with other mail files and archives.

8< --snip--snip [mwork]: mhonarc -add -rc rc.aib -out aib arch.aib
Reading database ...
Warning: Database (1.2.3) != program (2.0.0 beta 3) version.
Updating database data to 2.0 ...
Reading resource file: rc.aib ...
Requiring content filter libraries ...

Null filename used at /usr/local/bin/mhonarc line 330. [mwork]: 


Thanks in advance.

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Business and Public Admin   + Phone:    (907) 465-6344
University of Alaska        + FAX:      (907) 465-6383
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