Re: error message

1997-03-25 02:58:07
Jim Goes wrote:
Mhonarc 2.0.0b3
Perl 5.003
NextStep 3.2

Can anyone give me a clue what the problem is here?  This is the only 
and file with which I am having any problem.  The same version of mhonarc is 
working fine with other mail files and archives.

8< --snip--snip [mwork]: mhonarc -add -rc rc.aib -out aib arch.aib
Reading database ...
Warning: Database (1.2.3) != program (2.0.0 beta 3) version.
Updating database data to 2.0 ...
Reading resource file: rc.aib ...
Requiring content filter libraries ...

Null filename used at /usr/local/bin/mhonarc line 330. [mwork]:

Looks like one of the MIME filters settings is an empty string:

 o01(2) /local/mail/2.0b3 > perl -e 'require "";'
 Null filename used at -e line 1.

Check (or post to the list) the <mimefilters>...</mimefilter> part 
of the rc.aib as well as the %main'MIMEFilters entries of .mhonarc.db.

P.S. mhonarc remember the content of rc.aib and command line options in
     .mhonarc.db.  If these are not changing you only have to supply them
     when you create the archive not when you add further messages to
     the archive.


Thanks in advance.

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