Search Engine

1997-03-26 06:51:35
As this post is not closely related to MHonArc,
please email your answers privately.

My purpose is to build a search engine web site
dedicated to a specific field of knowledge.

I'm looking for a set of free software to do the
following tasks:
- fetch pages of a specific list of web sites
- index these pages from a specific list of keywords
- search engine within the keywords database 
  (recurent search with different keywords as Infoseek does)
- deliver the selected pages via email or ftp

If any of you knows some software that could do any
of the above tasks, I would greatly apreciate you'll
indicate me how to get it.

The best would be scripted software (in Perl or Python)
that will enable quick and easy moves from a system
to another.

Bernard Frit 

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