Re: Messages with very wide lines in the body

1997-03-26 11:30:01
Dear Group Members,
Some people don't worry about their mailer configuartion and this results
in very wide messages in my list. Its already a pain to read those mails 
in the mailer but it doesn't look nice once converted as well. Is 
there a way to prevent or change this.

You can create a custom filter to force line-breaks.  You'll have
to know Perl and you can use the text/plain filter as a template.
Also, see MIMEFILTERS resource for more information.

Unfortunately, the code to do it may be too allusive for novice Perl
programmers (the 'e' option for s/// operator and substr() may provide
use) (just thinking off the top of my head).  When I get time, I will
write something myself since it would be a nice feature to have.


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