extended mailto: URLs

1997-03-26 12:59:47
..If you're accepting nominations for your free time...

There is an Internet-Draft out standardizing how one includes
suggested header values in the context of a mailto: URL.

For continuous discussion threading, it will be very valuable to
have the mailto's built by MHonArc contain appropriate subject
and in-reply-to header nominations packaged in conformance to the
new standard.

I had figured I would have to do this.  (It would be my first
serious coding in X years, first Perl, ...) I stand ready to beat
on the Lynx developers to implement the in-reply-to when Lynx
acts on mailto's as soon as we can get the mailto's right in the
lynx-dev archives.

Al Gilman


   Linkname: "The mailto URL scheme", P. Hoffman, L. Masinter,