Re: mhonarc question...

1997-04-01 07:29:52
Luke Miller wrote:
I am using the following out of a sendmail alias:

faq-arc: "|/info/mhonarc/bin/mhonarc -add -quiet -news -umask 112 -outdir

And it is only archiving one message in the maillists.html and
threads.html, when a new message comes it it removes the others (leaves
the files but removes the links in the indexes).  Any ideas as to what is
doing on here?

Just guesses: 

Have you tried other umask values (or no -umask option) ?  Maybe the
existence check, if there is already an existing archive, is fooled
by 112 that you use. So the archive is (re)created every time you add
a message.

In earlier versions of mhonarc you had to specify the value of -umask in
octal notation -umask 0112  (don't remember when this was fixed).



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