mhonarc and procmail

1997-04-02 19:02:12
I'm setting up mhonarc and procmail for the first time.

I want procmail to filter messages from a mailing list and save them in a  
directory. I want to use a daily cron job to have mhonarc process the  
messages. (I figure it'll save CPU cycles if I do this daily and not for each  
arriving message).

So what's the problem?

Procmail saves messages individually in a folder (with names like "msg.J9w3").

Mhonarc seems to only want to process a "mbox" file (messages appended in a  
single file).

Do I need to change something in my .procmailrc file to get procmail to  
append messages to a single mbox file?

Or how do I get mhonarc to process a folder full of individual messages?

Here's my mhonarc command:
/usr/local/bin/mhonarc /home/me/Mail/Some-list

Here's my .procmailrc file:


:0              # Anything from Some-list
* ^To(_dot_)*Some-list(_at_)world(_dot_)std(_dot_)com
Some-list       # will go to $MAILDIR/Some-list

Thank you good people.

Daniel Kehoe

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