SUMMARY: mhonarc and procmail

1997-04-03 03:27:04
Thanks good people for immediate and helpful replies to my query re mhonarc  
and procmail. The syntax of my .procmailrc file was not correct for what I  
wanted. I wanted to have procmail filter messages from a mailing list and save  
them as a "mbox" style file for processing by MHonArc. Jim Goes  
<goes(_at_)ursus(_dot_)jun(_dot_)alaska(_dot_)edu> clarified:

If Some-list is a directory, procmail will think it is supposed to save
individual mail files and auto-name them.  If there is not a directory
named Some-list, procmail should treat it as a file (even create it if it
doesn't exist).  It does when you use an absolute file name.

So I removed a directory named /home/me/Mail/Some-list/ and replaced it with  
a file named /home/me/Mail/Some-list.mbox. I changed my .procmailrc file to  

* ^To(_dot_)*some_list(_at_)world(_dot_)std(_dot_)com

and it works very nicely.

Jim Goes commented:

That way, the mhonarc command in the cron job only has to process one
mail file (much more efficient).

If I wanted to process a directory full of individual messages, I could have  
used MhonArc thusly:

/usr/local/bin/mhonarc /home/me/Mail/Some-list/*

I was wrong to try:
/usr/local/bin/mhonarc /home/me/Mail/Some-list

This is what would go in the .procmailrc file to create a directory full of  
* ^To(_dot_)*some-list(_at_)world(_dot_)std(_dot_)com
Some-list/.      # notice the /.

There's a third alternative. Ryan Tucker 
prefers to use mh do the storage. He says

[Use] mh's rcvstore utility, which is a LOT nicer about keeping
stuff in line.

And he supplied some .procmailrc examples but I was chicken to try it :-).

Eric D. Friedman <friedman(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu> and Scott 
<sanguish(_at_)digifix(_dot_)com> were also very helpful. Thanks for your 
patience with a  
procmail newbie! Hopefully next time someone has this problem they'll find  
this in the archives.

Daniel Kehoe

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