Re: mhonarc and procmail

1997-04-02 19:37:46
: Procmail saves messages individually in a folder (with names like "msg.J9w3")
: Mhonarc seems to only want to process a "mbox" file (messages appended in a  
: single file).

Huh?  Mhonarc's default is to archive from mh folders, which are really
just directories with individual mail files (hence the MH in "mhonarc").

: Or how do I get mhonarc to process a folder full of individual messages?

mhonarc /path/to/Mail/folder

What could be easier? :-)

: :0            # Anything from Some-list
: * ^To(_dot_)*Some-list(_at_)world(_dot_)std(_dot_)com
: Some-list     # will go to $MAILDIR/Some-list

Don't you need to put a /. at the end of some-list so that procmail
knows to break the messages up into individual files?  Maybe thi is
the default: I don't remember, but I always write

I was doing a bunch of mhonarc-ing this afternoon and created an alias
to expedite things.  The mail files are all in separate files in mail
directories, and I've set procmail up to shift incoming messages there
as well.  Maybe looking at this will be helpful?  The last part
is the path to the mail directory, which would of course have to be
filled out by the argument in !*

alias mhon 'mhonarc -rcfile 
/users/asc/friedman/www/archive/litcalls/\!*/0-rcfile.html -outdir 
/users/asc/friedman/www/archive/litcalls/\!* -thread -treverse -idxfname 
index.html /users/asc/friedman/Mail/litcalls/\!*/'

Hope this helps,
Eric D. Friedman

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