Re: SUMMARY: mhonarc and procmail

1997-04-03 12:15:45
Achim responded ...

 > I was wrong to try:
 > /usr/local/bin/mhonarc /home/me/Mail/Some-list

I'm confused. If /home/me/Mail/Some-list is an mh folder this works
fine for me:

      mhonarc-2.0b3 -outdir  -outdir mhfolder.out

Hmmm. Maybe that would have worked for me if I had my .procmailrc set up  
properly. Some-list was a directory but maybe its contents were not what  
MHonArc expected? When procmail auto-names the messages, are they in a correct  
format? I know little about MH and what an MH mail directory looks like so I  
wasn't sure if MHonArc was finding what it expected.


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