Re: handling uuencoded data

1997-04-03 12:19:34
Our LAN uses an old mail system called cc:mail which embeds uuencoded
documents in the midst of mail messages but not in conformance with MIME
standards so MHonarc doesn't process them.  I am planning on piping
messages through uudeview (a Unix uudecoding utility) to preprocess
messages and then store a reference to the document as a link within the
mail message.  

I just wanted to get your opinion on whether you'd be interested in this
modification as contributed code and if so how you would prefer it to be
inserted in the code. I don't program in Perl so I was just planning to
stick a little C utility in a pipe with mhonarc at the receiving end.

Perl is the way to provide easy integration.  However, if you use
a C program and then pipe into MHonArc, there is nothing wrong with
that.  Whatever you do, you can announce your contribution to the
mhonarc mailling list and where users can get your contribution.
And if it available on the Web, I can add a link to it on the MHonArc
home page.

Note: I try to avoid have 3rd party contributions as part of the
mhonarc distribution itself (unless it becomes an integrated component
of MHonArc).  It would be problematic trying to coordinate mhonarc
releases if 3rd party utilities are included.  For example, if you
update your C program, you should not have to rely on me to take time
to add it to the mhonarc tar bundle as an new mhonarc release.  What I
do is just add a link to the mhonarc home page to 3rd party utilities.
There is already links to a couple of search engines listed.  This way,
the developers of the search engines can make updates, and they will
be immediately available to users without being delayed by me.


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