Re: Question on MHonArc

1997-04-03 09:25:39
My question is simple:  I would like to take an entire UNIX mailbox and
convert it to a single html document.  This document would have a
indexed mail list at the top of all mail messages at the bottom.  Can
MHonArc accomplish this?


If not where should I begin on the program

The modification would not be simple.  The code is designed
for messages in separate files with the indexes separate, also.
To support the conversion of messages to a single file, with index,
would lead to reimplementing mhonarc.

Just to note: MHonArc suffers from creaping featurism.  Ie.
Its original design causes some restrictions on what enhancments can
be done, and some of the existing code is pretty ugly.  There is
alot of function dependencies, major use of side-effects, and
reliance on dynamic scoping.

A future project of mine is to reimplement mhonarc in Perl 5.  With the
existing usage of mhonarc today, I should be able to create a better,
and more flexible, design.  Unfortunately, the reimplementation will
take some time, which I am currently lacking right now.  I hope to
break things down into small projects so I can start doing some work
a little at a time.

FYI, MHonArc 2.x will be the last Perl 4 version of mhonarc.  Any
2.x release should be executable under Perl 4.  I plan to use v3.x
as the Perl 5 version(s) of mhonarc.


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