Re: bugreport mhonarc 2.0.0 beta 3

1997-04-03 09:33:18
When I then use the '-editidx' option (to make a different setup, with
rcfile), the indexes are mucked up with "=?iso-8859-1?Q?=E5?=" etc.

But if I change the lines [314-317] in 'mhonarc' like this:

     ## Require MIME filters and other libraries
     unshift(@INC, @PerlINC);
-    if (!$EDITIDX && !$SCAN && !$RMM) {
+    if (!$SCAN && !$RMM) {

...then it all seems fine!

I guess the editidx also are ment to make MIME-encoded
text look good?


I don't know if that would cause some problems with other
functions, but I can't seem to find any problems there!

No it will not.  The only extra change I did was to not load
content filters when EDITIDX is set.  The other libraries are
loaded for charset decoding.

The fix will show up in the next release.

Thanks for the report,


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