Re: non-mime html format

1997-04-11 06:32:24
Fred Donck wrote:

Is there a way to display an e-mail that contains a complete html-page
as its body.
At this moment when I receive such an e-mail it will format as plain
text because the e-mail is not sent as a mime attachment.

Is there a way to let mhonarc do this or do I have to convert the e-mail
to contain a mime attachment ??
I use procmail/SmartList as my mailing-list software. Are there examples
of procmail recipies out there that convert the body of an e-mail
message into a mime attachement ?

I have not check the procmail examples but I remember that there are
some that tweak the body of a message.  If you don't find some-
thing that let you wrap the body  I would suggest to have a look at
the Perl modules Mail/ and MIME/ modules at CPAN


Should be not that hard to write a wrapper.

Hope this helps,


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