Re: MHonArc bug

1997-04-11 19:22:13
I am experimenting with beta 3 and MHonArc is generating an incorrect
[Next Page] link on the first page of the threaded index.  Specifically,
it links to the 2nd page of the non-threaded index instead of the threaded
index.  I'm not on the mailling list but I did search the archives and I
didn't see anything about this.  Thank you very much for any help you
could provide.

    [<A HREF="$FIRSTPG$">First Page</A>] 
    [<A HREF="$LASTPG$">Last Page</A>]
    <P> <STRONG>[Messages by thread]</STRONG>
    <A HREF="$IDXFNAME$">[Messages by date]</A> -
    ($NUMOFIDXMSG$ of $NUMOFMSG$ messages)</P>

The problem is you are using NAV-BAR in the thread index page resources,
but it uses main page index applicable resource variables.  You
need to create a thread version of NAV-BAR:

    [<A HREF="$TFIRSTPG$">First Page</A>] 
    [<A HREF="$TLASTPG$">Last Page</A>]

And use $T-NAV-BAR$ in your thread page resources.


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