New subscriber question...

1997-04-15 16:34:02
I've taken a cursory look thru the MHonArc web-archive but haven't seen
what I'm looking for...  So I hope you will forgive what is almost
a "classic" FAQ...

I just got MHonArc working in test mode at my ISP and now I'd like to
customizing the appearance of my list archive.  I've been reading thru
the massive amount of documentation, but "complete" examples are not to
found (by me at least).

I would appreciate it if somebody could tell me where in the MHonArc
tar-ball I could find the rc file that defines the default appearance of
the date index, the thread index and the message page.

Before I start messing around with the defaults, I'd *really* like to
exactly how they are current structured.


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