Re: MHonArc

1997-04-21 15:29:47
Earl Hood wrote:

But is it possible to have some sort of script that can add any incoming
mail to the archive, so you won't have to do that by hand.

I tryed working with procmail, but that it doesn't work very good :(

The FAQ gives a couple og Procmail examples.  If those are not
helpful, you should check out the Procmail FAQ (there is a link
to it from the MHonArc FAQ).

Maybe you have something allready on the shelf? :)

You can write you own.  You may want to read up on ".forward"
files.  "man forward" on Solaris gives you some information.

I use procmail to drive mhonarc archives from Majordomo.  I set up a
single pseudouser and drive several archives from the one pseudouser. 

Here's a sample .forward file:

"|/usr/ucb/rsh cappuccino \"set IFS=' '; exec
/usr/local/procmail/bin/procmail #widget\""

Another example is:

"|/bin/csh -c \"set IFS=' '; exec /usr/local/procmail/bin/procmail

Two reasons to use the "rsh cappuccino":
1. doesn't require the user to be able to login to server, although
   the username must still be valid
2. gets the processing load off the mail server

Here's an example .procmail recipe:


# widget: list short description
:0 H
* ^List-Name: widget
  # The rotate call (under construction) does archive rotation
  # leave commented!
  #:0c i
  #| /home/web-arch/bin/rotate /usr/local/web/webarchive/widget

  # Put the mail in the mailbox, which is used by archiver to
  # the html indexes
  :0 cA

  # The mhonarc call examines mbox, turns the mail messages into .html
  # documents, and compiles the indexes.
  # -reverse -treverse\
  :0 ia
  | /usr/local/mhonarc/bin/mhonarc \
    -idxfname index.shtml \
    -tidxfname threads.shtml \
    -rcfile widget.rc\
    -outdir /usr/local/web/webarchive/widget/current \


I have a directory per archive, and put the current period in directory
"current".  Then I have an index page per archive that indexes the
periods, plus gives information about the list and how to
subscribe/unsubscribe.  The widget.rc file resides in the pseudouser's
home directory.

Note the 
* ^List-Name: widget
I put the following in the majordomo list's config file:

message_headers   <<  END
List-Name: widget

This adds the "List-Name" header to messages, which is what procmail
filters for.

Hope this helps

Paul McKinley
Unix SysAdmin Contractor

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