Re: Error: << Undefined subroutine "main'expired_time" >>

1997-04-21 17:56:22
When using MHonArc (v2.0.0 beta 3), downloaded and installed without making
Undefined subroutine &main::expired_time called at
/usr/groups/nic/bin/MHonArc2/mhonarc line 1234, <FILE> chunk 34
That subroutine is defined in, and I noticed that when I run the
mhonarc executable, that file does NOT show up among those in the list of
files shown after "Requiring ...."

The "Requiring ..." output only shows content filters and charset
filters.  Support libraries are not echoed.

Is this a known bug in MHonArc, or ... ?  TIA for any tips,

Nope, and you are the first.  MhonArc will abort if it cannot
require support libraries.  Here is the line for reading

    require ''    || die("ERROR: Unable to require\n");

And this statement is executed before "Requiring ..." stuff.

Try following:

        o exists in the installed library location.
        o  Look at the installed mhonarc source and see if their
           is an unshift(@INC, ...) statement at the top of
           the file.  The path should point to location of the
           installed library location.
        o  See if is intact.  Ie. The was not
           corrupted (check the install location).
        o  See if there is another file called that may
           conflict with mhonarc's  Ie.  Is there a Perl
           library on your system with the same name.
        o  Add a print statement in to verify that
           Perl is requiring the right file.  For example:

                print STDERR "Reading MHonArc's\n";

           Put at the top of

If the problem was inherent in mhonarc, all users of v2.0b3 would
have reported the problem (and I should have seen somthing before
I distributed it).  Try the above and see if something comes up.


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