Re: some grumbles

1997-04-22 14:40:42
Quote from HTML of message page:

<!--X-Reference-Id: 199703300211(_dot_)SAA00099(_at_)iq(_dot_)ORST(_dot_)EDU 
mhonarc was swift enough to capture this reference from an email header.
Yet the thread index did not respect this relationship.  What is the
status of using "References: " references in threading?

A link to the referenced message will only exist if the referenced
message is in the same archive as the referer.  In the archives that
Achim maintains, each month is a separate archive.  Therefore, the
referenced message is probably in a previous month, or the referenced
message never was sent to the mhonarc list.

Comments should be made SGML-squeaky-clean.  That means there is whitespace
after the <!-- and whitespace before the -->.

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but the comments are legal.
According to ISO 8879:

    10.3 Comment Declaration

    [91] comment declaration = mdo, (comment, (s | comment)*)?, mdc

    [92] comment = com, SGML character*, com

I suggest you do some reading about SGML.


P.S.  The majority of my work involves SGML.  And one of my Perl tools
is a DTD parser.  I will concede that on a element validation side,
pages generated by MHonArc may not validate.  However, that can be
controlled via the various page layout resources.

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