Re: one question

1997-04-23 09:01:53
Juan Kingsley wrote:
i'm new at this whole perl thing and all, but i found Monarch after
doing a net search.
i need to make an HTML archive of a mailing list (i still have to find
out what the list software is).
but... can Monarch be used to convert a mailing list into HTML? lets say
, by converting a mailfolder that contains all the mails form the mail

Mhonarc was written to do exactly this.  You can customize the outfit of
the output with a configuration file that uses a HTML like syntax.

any comments? some help with the implementation and use of perl would be
welcome too.

The average mhonarc user has not to worry/know what perl is.  If perl is
installed on your system that's enough.  When you install mhonarc you
are asked (with a default) what perl executeable should be used and
that's all.

Perl is only needed if you what to write your own MIME filter. But
if you don't exchange exotic MIME types on your mailing list  the
filters distributed/configured with mhonarc should be enough.


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