CGI Program Works, But Not Every Time

1997-04-23 08:39:25
Someone on the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi newsgroup
suggested I submit this question to this mailing list.  I hope it isn't
inappropriate, but I'm desperate for an answer.


Try this question on the MHonArc mail list?  Sounds 
like a scale problem  (too much data for the design)

"Michael Wilson" <mwilson(_at_)csd(_dot_)uwm(_dot_)edu> wrote:

:I run a couple of CGI program on my page, but they work

:Sometimes, they work fine, but sometimes Internet Explorer
:returns the box: "Cannot open the Internet Site ... Operation
:Completed Successfully." (In Netscape, it says something
:about returning an empty page.)  If you try the CGI program
:twice or five times, eventually it works.  

:               try the search engine

:I thought it was the search software, but I installed another
:guestbook program that does exactly the same thing.

:Can anyone help??



Check out the Perl site!

use password perlmisc

Geat tool for Developers>

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