Re: CGI Program Works, But Not Every Time

1997-04-23 11:14:50
Two tea leaves to throw into the pot:


With Lynx 2.7 I get consistent behavior:  The first time I exercise 
the URL

I get an invisible page.  When I reload, I get an OK page.
Something is funny between the first and second hits against that
URL at that server.  And HTTP is supposed to be stateless.  I
would suspect a bug somewhere between the server and script such
that it takes one hit from a given correspondent to clear its


On your alternate search page, there is an HTML bug in the header

<h1=3><center>Search the archives in this directory</h3></center>
  ^^ -- looks like you reached for <BACKSPACE> and hit '=' instead.

Note also: Please don't interdigitate your tags like that:  


If you want to force centering and aren't happy to accept what the
browser does in its environment with <h3> I suggest that you forget
header tags altogether and just make this a

<p align=center>Search the archives in this directory</p>

and be done with it.

Al Gilman

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