Re: Anyone tried this?

1997-04-24 12:22:16
Bruce wrote:

The main idea is to allow a user to check his/her personal mail from afar
(not logged in thru his own account) via any old browser, after
him/her with a news of the day/login screen. Of course, I'd like to allow
replies, forwards, etc. and (optionally) leave the mail for later
via their POP client. That's it in a nutshell.

 There is an alternative.  At Cornell University we run a service called
"travellers' mail" that allows mail browsing from afar without the
customary POP downloading.  Remote users use Telnet to access a restricted
Unix shell account that uses Pine as the shell.  There is a corresponding
Traveller's Web service that lets one use Telnet to log into an account
using Lynx as the shell.

Pine supports public folders, which could contain general news.

A disadvantage of using WWW for this is that mail read on a computer where
one is a guest would remain in that machine's browser's disk cache unless
the user cleared the cache.

-- SP
 (New York State Water Resources Institute at Cornell University)

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