Re: Anyone tried this?

1997-04-23 17:32:07

although it seems appealing to have server-side includes on our webserver
which can make life as a webdeveloper a lot easier, it also has several 
If you specifiy your webserver to parse all documents you'll start
paying wrt performance very quicky.
Also if you others, like the average Joe User, design their own pages you
are in for a security treat. These people can just do something like
<!--exec cmd="rm -rf /"--> and you'll be restoring for the rest of the day.

If you want to use SSI switch of the exec tag (which is possible with 
the NS' enterprise-server).

As for the personal mailboxes What exactly are you trying to accomplish ??

Just some thoughts,


Has anyone tried using MHonArc from a server-side include
(e.g. <!--exec cgi=[mhonarc command here] --!>)?

I'd like to use it like this for individual's mailboxes,
after presenting them with the daily news on a "home" page.

Any thoughts?
Bruce Ray
 Owner, Deep C Software

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