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1997-04-23 17:41:17
        I have finished three hours  of lookinging at the documentation of
  Mhonarc.  And  have a good Idea how to use the program with the
  exception of resources.  I understannd that I have to makke an file that
  covers  the format of the mmailist llayout.   But I really dont
  understannd the difference b/w the elementsand and the $...$ variables.
  Also  where do I place theis file.?
Yes, three hours of solid browsing will make you miss _anything_.

You don't _have_ to make a .rc file.  MHonArc will archive your
mail with all-default settings if you ignore the personalization
opportunities give you by resource definitions in a .rc file.

In fact, I made sure I had done that for practice before I touched
a .rc file.

On the other hand, I very much wanted to redefine a number of the
resources, for reasons I won't go into here.

Once I ran the program once and got an archive, I went to the
examples subdirectory in the distribution and lifted the 
frames.rc file from there.  Now, frames is the exact opposite
of the way I wanted to go.  But that gave me a well-written
example to edit, and that is what I did.

This little trick actually meant that when I ran MHonArc with
my styles (some of 'em, I did break the problem down) it Worked!

Now I'm ready to go on and do stupid other things that won't work...

Take a walk, and when you come back go back to the document and
be sure to visit the page for the RCFILE resource.  I applied
the .rc file with a command line parameter 

<path>/mhonarc -rcfile headless.rc  <mailfolder>
                         ^^^^^^^^^^^ - my RCFILE, in this case in 
                                     - the archive directory
This form of reference is because the file is right there where
I cd'ed to before running mhonarc.  But it could be _anywhere_.

Hope this puts you back on the track for three laps.

Al Gilman

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