Re: Resources

1997-04-24 10:00:08
Once I ran the program once and got an archive, I went to the
examples subdirectory in the distribution and lifted the 
frames.rc file from there.  Now, frames is the exact opposite
of the way I wanted to go.  But that gave me a well-written
example to edit, and that is what I did.

As a suggestion, I am willing to include example resource files
contributed by users.  Therefore, if anyone has a resource file that
may be instructive/useful to other users, I can include them in the
examples directory of the distribution.

Take a walk, and when you come back go back to the document and
be sure to visit the page for the RCFILE resource.  I applied
the .rc file with a command line parameter 

Al is right in that the page on RCFILE is good to learn about mhonarc
resource files and how resource variables are used.

I agree the documentation can be intimidating.  I will admit that it is
not complete, even though there is alot.  A user's guide/tutorial would
be very useful.  Unfortunately, writing documentation takes much time,
and writing good documentation even takes longer.  Sometimes updating
the documentation to reflect a change in mhonarc takes more time than
the coding.

I will be glad to include any complementary documention from others
if anyone do desires.  For example, if someone writes a tutorial,
I can include it with the distribution.  Contributions can be as
simple as a single page that discusses a particular topic to as
complex as a multi-page user's guide.  Some of the stuff Al has
posted has been quite good.  Maybe that material can be combined
in a useful document(s).


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