Re: Resources

1997-04-24 12:48:43
  > Once I ran the program once and got an archive, I went to the
  > examples subdirectory in the distribution and lifted the 
  > frames.rc file from there.  Now, frames is the exact opposite
  > of the way I wanted to go.  But that gave me a well-written
  > example to edit, and that is what I did.
  As a suggestion, I am willing to include example resource files
  contributed by users.  Therefore, if anyone has a resource file that
  may be instructive/useful to other users, I can include them in the
  examples directory of the distribution.
May I suggest some walk-before-run baby steps on the way to that

Links from the Mother MHonArc InfoSite to [lists of links to]
examples are a lightweight way to get going as opposed to
scrubbing and integrating examples into the distribution.

In my ideal model, selected examples go in the distribution but
many more examples are part of a documentation web for which the
Mhonarc Mother InfoSite serves as a StartPage.

By way of comparison, what I maintain at
is just a lightly-edited bookmarks file based on pulling
together links to the documents and links to specific
answers to questions, organized around the questions
that recur on the email list.  It ain't perfect, but
many users have found it helpful.  And it's less intimidating
that the full-up archive (where we don't have decent searching
at present, I must confess).

I will post my current experimental RCFILE and when I have a
full-up example I will make the scripts public for recycling by
this community.

Al Gilman

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