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1997-04-24 14:19:53
: May I suggest some walk-before-run baby steps on the way to that
: step?
: In my ideal model, selected examples go in the distribution but
: many more examples are part of a documentation web for which the
: Mhonarc Mother InfoSite serves as a StartPage.

This is a good idea, IMHO.

I've moved a couple of things into a place where others can get
to them.  I'll add more in the next day or so and will produce a
page so that you don't just see a directory listing.

for now, there are two things in

1) A resource file
2) A script which can be run by cron or by humans to add new archives
to an existing pool of them.

On my site, we have hundreds of class mailing list archives, and these
are added in fits and starts as the quarter gets going.  I have a
cron job which sends a list of the new additions to this script every
morning so that it can:

1. Create a directory for the archive;
2. Create a "personalized" mhonarc resource file in that directory;
3. Create a "personalized" .marc-search.cfg file in the directory.
4. print out a procmail recipe for the new lists, which the cron job
   then appends to the existing recipe file.

Here are some search keywords so that people can find this message when
they search this list's archive `bei Achim.'

[automation example sample resource cron search help]
Eric D. Friedman

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