Re: Last index page

1997-04-24 14:31:53
I'm not sure if this is related to what Akos Csilling reported, since I
regenerate the entire MHonArc conversion of a mailing list folder nightly,
rather than adding only new messages:

I encountered the following problem with a multi-page index: when the total
number of messages is evenly divisible by the number of message-links per
index page, a last index page without *any* message links on it is created.
An example of this can be seen (for about another 14 hours, anyway, when
there will be more than exactly 3400 messages with 50 links per page ;-) at

If this is not the same bug -- has anyone else encountered this phenomenon? 

The bug is different, and the bug is simple to fix.  The fix
will be in the next release.  For now, the extra page is harmless.

Akos's problem will be solved by updating all pages when a new page
is created.  This will also be in the next release.


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