Re: How to automate?

1997-04-25 15:43:07

Another possibility is to process every e-mail separately via a 
.forward file containing something like :

\name, "| /path/to/mhonarc -arguments -that -you -need

"where name is the name of the mailbox where a permanent version will be

I do it differently: I use Smartlist for about 30 mailing-lists that will
have a web interface via mhonarc.


    First, thanks so much for the help from Al and Ed.  Second, I have
the fear that Mhonarc can not automaticaly do its task with out the help
from a custom script written to activate Mhonarc at certain times.  

man cron

    I  need to process twenty to thirty  messages a day and will not
be around to submit the messages to MHonarc.  THere will be a mailbox
where all messages will be sent.  Thanks in advance!

cron is the main utility on Unix systems for invoking programs
and specified times.  Check the manpage on cron.


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