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1997-04-29 16:15:08
I am interested in using qualifiers in mailto: URLs as provided for

I have been playing with the following MAILTOURL resource:


Sample results may be seen at

and the .rc file at

These experiments leave me with the following questions/comments.

I am under the impression that the MAILTOURL is only applied
withing the formatting of message headers which must appear prior
to the formatting of the message body.  So far as I understand
the documentation, I do not have access to an URLencoded copy of
$SUBJECT$, outside of the application of MAILTOURL in the course
of header processing.

If I am mis-reading the documents, or if one can do more than the
documents say, I would like to know, because I would prefer to
suppress the header formatting entirely and write my own links
below the message body, including mailto's with the above classes
of parameters.  So far I haven't devised a method to get the full
mailto: I want without leaving the headers in.

Even in the context of header processing, having only one
definition of MAILTOURL may be less flexible than what one

Al Gilman

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