<NOSORT> for index?

1997-05-05 00:07:52
Hi, if have just created my first mhonarc archive.
(it is in Japanese)

My mailing list has running numbers on all the subjects like
[win95j 1]
[win95j 2]
win95j 150] ....

In the mbox file to be converted they are all in the numbered order and
i figured out by using <NOSORT> i could have my mails in the numbered
order in the main index.
But in the thread index, the mails are sorted by date and then threaded.
As there are always people with wrong Date:s, is there any possibility
to do threading without sorting the messages by date?


            Oliver M. Bolzer

"finger -l oliver(_at_)gol(_dot_)com" for my PGP public key
PGP-Fingerprint:   0A A5 48 FB FC 72 69 1A  7E 7F 08 34 48 14 C7 77

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