Modern mailto: progress

1997-05-05 10:46:30
Thank you, Earl, for spoon-feeding me the roll-your-own version
of mailto: URLs with Hoffman attributes.

My current working draft now has some of these in

[back up the URL to end at .../1/ to see the archive produced.]

Strictly FYI, The things I wanted to do and haven't seen how yet,
relative to this revision of the site, are:

        Put the follow-up links with the mailto: URLs in them
        ahead of the FOLREFS.  Since I made the visitor wait
        'til this point to respond, I want a "write" opportunity
        offered before the "read more" opportunities, to cue
        that the group really does want interaction and feedback.

        Put citatations appearing in FOLREFS on one line each.
        This is good for speech users who will "read the line
        with the cursor on it" and good for people with
        one-line braille displays.

        Note, I am using the pre-formatted FOLREFS and not using
        the next-in-thread, previous-in-thread links because I
        think it is important to present the tree structure of
        an asynchronous discussion as clearly as possible, and
        that linearizing the thread view as per these two 
        relationships is a noticeable degradation in how well
        the actual flow of the discourse is being reflected back
        to the visitor of the message page.

        At a lower level of priority, I would like to be able
        to reprogram the FOLREFS formatting to show author first
        [and hot] for follow-up posts.  On average, the author
        diversity of replies contrasts with the sameness of 
        reply Subject: headers to make the author the most
        informative discriminant at this branch point. I can do 
        this in the thread index page as is [haven't yet] but in
        MHonArc 2 the style decisions used in FOLREFS are private 
        [modulo Perl mucking].

Al Gilman

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