MHonArc question, IMPORTANT!

1997-05-05 23:28:05
Hello there,

        My name is Gonzalo Etayo, a senior in computer science at
        Syracuse University.   I was actually trying to install Mhonarc
        for a small company located in Spain and I am running into this
        little problem that is driving me crazy.  Following all the
        first steps in the quickstart page,  I created a username called 
        inbox whose "actual" inbox file is on this path:

        /home/mail/inbox  (this is the inbox file for the username inbox)

        When trying to set up the location from where we want mhonarc to
        extrack the e-mail and convert it to html documents, I typed this:

        gonzalo:~> mhonarc /home/mail/inbox

        Where inbox is the inbox file where all the e-mails will be
        stored.  After running this command I guess I was supposed to get
        all the messages under inbox converted into html documents in the
        same directory from where I am executing it...  however, the library generates this ERROR in my system:

gonzalo:~> mhonarc /home/mail/inbox
        Requiring content filter libraries ...
        Requiring charset filter libraries ...

        Segmentation fault (core dumped)


        I was just wondering to know if any of you could tell what could be
        wrong.  Let me tell you that I am remotely working in this system
        from the US, but they have the ascii 8859-1 character set, which
        I think it stands for the Latin 1 mode.
        Should I need to change anything within the file??

        It would really appreciate a prompt answer because we are in
        a big hurry of getting this program to work.  

        Let me also take advantage of this e-mail to ask another question.
        Withing this system, instead of having a mail subdirectory under
        every user root directory,  we have another configuration. 
        All the mail is stored under the directory /home/mail/<username>,
        where <username> (in this directory just specified) is the "inbox"
        file where all the e-mail for a given user is stored.  In other
        words, we do not have an inbox file for any username within the
        system, instead we have the name of the user that stands for 
        the general inbox file that most systems have.  Could this also
        be another reason why it is not working??



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