Re: Installing MHonArc

1997-05-06 08:58:38
On Tue, 6 May 1997, Earl Hood wrote:

When reporting a problem, it helps to state what system you
are using, the version of Perl you are using, and the
version of MHonArc.

        MHonArc 2.0.0, our system run on Solaris 2.4
        and the Perl version we have is Perl 5.

The actual occurance of the dump may not be due to iso8859.
Plus, the dump may be due to Perl since it takes some doing
to cause Perl dump due to progammer error.  Some versions
of Perl 5 are bugging, or you may have an unstable port.
Please followup with version information.

        I compiled the file and it didn't give
        any errors in our system.  Any additional information that you
        might need to find out what could possibily go wrong?




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