Re: subdir based on months?

1997-05-16 15:10:19
:       The idea being that some of the large lists, if all messages were
: put into one directory,l would create one very large directory, but if it
: were posible to auto-sort it into a yy-mm subdirectory structure as the
: mail comes in, the directory structures would stay reasonable small, and
: responsive.

I use the following solution in my procmail recipe file.

#MhonArc commands
MHONARC='/users/asc/friedman/bin/mhonarc -thread -treverse -add -quiet -umask 
022 -idxfname index.html'

#MhonArc archive top level

#Date in format 1997-04
DATE=`/usr/bin/date +19%y-%m`

  :0 c

  |$MHONARC -rcfile $MHHOME/bookarts/$DATE/0-rcfile.html -outdir 

Eric D. Friedman

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