subdir based on months?

1997-05-16 14:00:41

        I'm just getting going with MHonArc, and have it up and working
quite well, but was wondering if there is some sort of switch or something
that will have incoming mail sorted into a subdirectory...

        The idea being that some of the large lists, if all messages were
put into one directory,l would create one very large directory, but if it
were posible to auto-sort it into a yy-mm subdirectory structure as the
mail comes in, the directory structures would stay reasonable small, and

        Where the problem would arise would be a thread that crossed over
into a second month...a threaded listing should somehow know about it...

        I don't know if this is possible, or even acceptable as a wishlist
item...just figured I'd ask :)

Marc G. Fournier                                 scrappy(_at_)hub(_dot_)org
Systems Administrator @              scrappy(_at_)freebsd(_dot_)org

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