Re: creating alias for sendmail -> mhonarc

1997-05-16 12:53:22
:       What I'm trying to do is have one central 'mailbox' that email
: goes to and get archived/threaded using MHonArc so that everyone in my
: department can read it with their WWW browser, at will.  I'd rather have
: mhonarc auto-update the archive when a new message comes in instead of 
: setting up a cron job that periodically sucks in all the new messages...
:       It has nothing to do with the subscribe processes, only a wish to
: automate the archival process

Absolutely, which is why I suggested setting up an account whose
purpose is to archive messages as they come in.  On my system, the user
"wwwmmm" (World Wide Web Mail Message Manager) is subscribed to a large
number of different lists, and has a procmail recipe file to handle
mail from those lists - passing it off to MhonArc - as it comes in,
exactly as you describe.
Eric D. Friedman

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