Re: creating alias for sendmail -> mhonarc

1997-05-16 12:35:11
On Fri, 16 May 1997, Eric D. Friedman wrote:

:     What do I have to put in /etc/aliases in order that I can subscribe
: to a mailing list as 'the alias' and have mail go there to be auto-archived?
: Assuming that this is possible, of course...


Why not just create an account with limited privileges, and subscribe that
"user" to your lists?

        What I'm trying to do is have one central 'mailbox' that email
goes to and get archived/threaded using MHonArc so that everyone in my
department can read it with their WWW browser, at will.  I'd rather have
mhonarc auto-update the archive when a new message comes in instead of 
setting up a cron job that periodically sucks in all the new messages...

        It has nothing to do with the subscribe processes, only a wish to
automate the archival process

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