MHonArc v2.0 Release

1997-05-16 12:30:03
MHonArc Users,

Announcing the release of MHonArc v2.0.  I thank all the people
who tried out the beta releases and reported bugs.  I hope the
v2.0 fixes the bugs mentioned (without introducing some new
ones).  As always, availability information can be obtained from

With the v2.0 release is a new version of the FAQ.  The FAQ is also
included in the distribution.  A more complete bug listing is included
in the documentation, and the documentation contains some navigational
aids for better ease of reading.

The following is a list of changes from the v2.0 beta 3 release.
Consult the CHANGES file in the distribution for a complete list of
all changes from v1.2.3 to v2.0.  v2.0 contains mostly bug fixes,
but there exists some enhancements from beta 3.

CHANGES from v2.0 beta 3 to v2.0:


           resources.  They are provided to support the formatting
           of threads that split across multiple pages of a
           multipage index.

        o  Added "nonfixed", "maxwidth", and "keepspace" options
           to text/plain ( filter.

        o  A directory file is now used for performing archive
           locking.  This should provide better portability across
           operating systems.

        o  Dervied files returned from filters can be directories.
           If so, the any directory is completely removed if the
           message is removed.

        o  The filter can now output files into
           a subdirectory with the "subdir" option.  This may be
           useful for those wanting to use the "usename" option
           and avoid potential filename conflicts.

        o  The $NEXT...$ and $PREV...$ resource variables now
           behave as one may expect.  I.e.  The are always relative
           to the base sort method: date, author, subject, message
           number.  The REVERSE resource has no effect on their
           values.  Therefore, the variables no longer refer to
           the actual physical listing order.  This new behavior
           no longer requires a users to redefine button and link
           resources for the sake of specifying REVERSE.

        o  "Resent-To" and "Resent-Cc" will now have e-mail
           address hyperlinked.

        o  Unknown types processed by now default
           to have a ".bin" extension.  This should cause HTTP
           servers to treat the file as application/octet-stream.

        o  Standard input can be specified as the source of a
           mailbox by using a lone "-" on the command-line.  Note:
           You may need to specify "--" first to shut-off option
           processing so the "-" is not interpreted as the start
           of an option.

    Bug Fixes:

        o  Problem:     Index pages with last page links are not updated
                        when a new page is added.
           Solution:    All index pages are regenerated if a new page
                        is added.

        o  Problem:     "-idxsize 0" does not give unlimited page size.
           Solution:    Problem fixed and now works as documented.

        o  Problem:     "-maxsize 0" does not reset archive with
                        unlimited messages allowed.
           Solution:    Problem fixed and now works as documented.

        o  Problem:     Non-ASCII text encodings (=?ISO-..?...) are not
                        properly decoded when EDITIDX is set.
           Solution:    The charset filter libraries are now loaded
                        for EDITIDX.

        o  Problem:     MODTIME resource setting not remembered across
                        archive updates.
           Solution:    MODTIME resource is now properly stored in the

        o  Problem:     Specifying -rmm and -single caused confusion on
                        what MHonArc does.
           Solution:    The case is properly handled, with -rmm taking

        o  Problem:     4 digit year not checked before 2 digit year
                        when parsing dates.
           Solution:    Fixed.

        o  Problem:     Some index pages in multipage indexes not
                        updated when messages expire.
           Solution:    Fixed; all pages are regenerated when a message

        o  Problem:     Setting MONTHS and MONTHSABR had no effect.
           Solution:    Fixed.

        o  Problem:     $TNEXTFROM$ actually gave the value of $NEXTFROM$.
           Solution:    Fixed.

        o  Problem:     Numerical timezone offsets not handled properly
                        when the offset contained non-zero minutes.  This
                        caused message to be sorted wrong by date.
           Solution:    Fixed.

        o  Problem:     Some characters were not properly escaped when
                        specifying the "in URL" modifier to a resource
           Solution:    Fixed.

        o  Problem:     Thread (formatting) information lost when a
                        thread is split across multiple pages.
           Solution:    Fixed.  New resources (TCONTBEGIN, TCONTEND,
                        TINDENTBEGIN, TINDENTEND) exist to preserve
                        formatting of threads across pages.

        o  Problem:     If specifying the REVERSE, the next/prev
                        links in messages do not point to the proper
                        message as one may expect.
           Solution:    This should be fixed by the new behavior of
                        $NEXT...$ and $PREV...$ resource variables.

Please direct all comments/questions to this list.



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