Re: MHonArc dbversion != prgversion

1997-05-19 08:53:01
I just had the time to upgrade my MHonArc 2.0.0 beta 3
test archive to the new 2.0.0 version.

Now I get the message

Warning: Database (2.0.0 beta 3) != program (2.0.0) version.

There are no format changes mentioned, so I assume it is
save to use the old db.

Yes, it is safe.  The documentation talks about this message in
the Diagnostics section.  Mainly it is to inform you that
what created the archive is different from the program you are using.
RELNOTES will normally outline any issues regarding new versions
of MHonArc processing older archives.  A bigger worry is if the
program version is *older* than the database version.

How do I get rid of this warning. Or how can I rebuild the
.mhonarc.db without the original, in the meantime expired
news articles?

No need to rebuild.  MHonArc rewrites the database, so it will
update it and stamp it with the new version.


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