How come the number of messages is not updated in multipages ?

1997-05-19 09:40:52
Hello there,

I'm new to MHonArc.
Spending a couple of days, I've set up a maling list with procmail 
and MHonARC. Though it works well, I have one thing that makes me

I've found out that, when using multipage option, $NUMOFMSG$ is not
updated in all the other pages except the last page both in main index
and thread index.

Is this a bug or did I do something wrong ?

I'm using MHonArc v2.0.0 beta 3 and perl version 5.003.

My resource file contains:

Last updated: $LOCALDATE$<br>
$NUMOFMSG$ messages in reverse chronological order<br>
<LI><A HREF="$TIDXFNAME$">Thread Index</A></LI>

Last updated: $LOCALDATE$<br>
$NUMOFMSG$ messages<br>
<li><a href="$IDXFNAME$">Main Index</a></li>

S.H. Park
Hwaam-dong 62-1, Yusung-ku, Taejeon, Korea 
Telecommunication Networks Research Labs.     Tel: +82-42-866-3790
Korea Telecom                                 Fax: +82-42-866-3779

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