Re: How come the number of messages is not updated in multipages ?

1997-05-19 12:59:42
I've found out that, when using multipage option, $NUMOFMSG$ is not
updated in all the other pages except the last page both in main index
and thread index.

Is this a bug or did I do something wrong ?

I'm using MHonArc v2.0.0 beta 3 and perl version 5.003.

What you found is a limitation.  MHonArc tries to avoid rebuilding all
index pages for performance reasons (especially if doing updates as
messages arrive).  A problem is some resource variables require that
all index pages be updated since the value will change foreach update,
but MHonArc does not check for these special resource variables.

Either you can avoid using variables like $NUMOFMSG$, or modify mhonarc
to always rewrite all index pages, regardless (maybe controlling the
feature via a resource).  The modfication should be straight-forward.


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