Bug in Version 2.00 ???

1997-05-20 02:33:52

I just upgraded from the beta 3 release to the official version 2 release.

I have found that the -rmm and -editidx commands does not work with
archives built using version 2.  The problem is that every time i try to
delete a message or rebuild the index page, the main index file does not
get rebuilt.

I have tried deleting the index file and using the -editidx file to
rebuild it (since all the necessary info is stored in the .mhonarc.db
file), but it did not create the index file.  

Everytime i try deleting a message, the message gets deleted, but the
message is still listed in the index file.

I have never had this problem with the beta releases.  Can someone tell
me whats going on.



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